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'Of all the blogs you might ever visit, this is one of them'.

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There really isn't very much that you need to know about me, as the author of this blog, though. I'm just someone who likes stories. I always have. Our ability to tell stories might not be the greatest, or most useful, human invention - but, it should definitely make the 'top ten' list, at least.

I also enjoy the different ways in which a story could be told. I like books and films, of course - and, episodic television. But, I also like video games - and, I'm fully on board with the idea that video games are as valid a way of telling a good story as any other. I've never really been as big a fan of comic-books, admittedly - but, that's only ever been because I've never cared for collecting individual issues. Also, while my personal preference has always tended to be toward science fiction and fantasy, I have always made an effort not to limit myself just to that.

I also live in Australia - which makes this, technically, an Australian blog. Does that make any difference? Well, in general, no - probably not. But, it does mean that I'll only be writing reviews of things that are actually legally available in Australia - which might, occasionally, place some limitations on what I can, and can't look at. Though, I was never going to be able to review absolutely everything that comes along, anyway.

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