Thursday, 19 November 2015

Review - 'Daredevil', S01E11 - 'The Path of the Righteous'

It was interesting to see the pieces begin to fall into place for Matt, in this episode. As we move closer to the end of the season, it is becoming increasingly obvious that Matt Murdock is coming closer to that moment when he finally takes on the identity of 'Daredevil'.

After another theological discussion with Father Lantom (Peter McRobbie), in which the necessity of the Devil to God's ultimate plan was discussed, Matt was able to track down the man responsible for crafting Fisk's armored suits (made from a light-weight material capable of stopping the blade Matt had attempted to use in their last encounter). Rather than being the loyal thug that Matt was expecting, though, Melvin Potter (Matt Gerald) proves to be a simple man who simply enjoys making things - one who clearly seems to be suffering from some form of mild mental handicap. He is also a man who is clearly working for Fisk unwillingly - doing so simply to protect someone that he cares for.

Obviously feeling some sympathy for Melvin, Matt offers his help. And, in return, Melvin promises to make Matt a suit of armour of his very own.

It's clear that it's all starting to come together for Matt, at this point. His conversation with Father Lantom about the necessity of the Devil in the Catholic faith has given him the idea for the 'superhero' persona he intends to take on. And, his meeting with Melvin has provided him with the opportunity to actually put his plan into action. It is both great character development for Matt Murdock, and also clear evidence for the audience that we don't have much longer to wait until we can get our first proper look at the iconic 'red devil' suit that Daredevil is known for.

Also, after Claire's off-camera treatment of Matt's injuries in the previous episode (and, Rosario Dawson's conspicuous absence), it was good to see her actually appear on camera once more. It was also good to finally get some closure on the lingering tension between the two - with Claire willing to continue treating Matt's injuries, when needed, and the two agreeing to keep their relationship strictly professional. It felt like a fitting moment of closure between the two.

Karen and Ben Urich, meanwhile, are characters who have often felt under utilised on the show. Their investigation into Fisk's illegal activities are interesting enough, sure - at least, when they have not been stumbling along a few steps behind Matt. But, more often than not, it has felt like a weaker element of the season. While this episode still doesn't do Urich any favours, it does at least give Karen some of the best scenes she has had since the first episode. When Fisk's right-hand man, Wesley, learns that Fisk's another has recently had some unexpected visitors, he decides to spare Fisk (who is still clearly more focused on Vanessa recovery, anyway) and take care of it, himself - eventually tracking down Karen for a wonderfully tense stand-off. One in which Karen is able to show, once again, that she isn't on the show simply to be a conventional 'damsel in distress'.

Fisk, meanwhile, has pushed everything else aside in his concern for the woman that he has grown to genuinely love - and, he is determined to have violent, and likely bloody, revenge on those responsible for her poisoning. This isn't all that surprising - but, what may be surprising is the support he receives from a recovering Vanessa, who is just as adamant about having her revenge as Fisk is. Clearly, Vanessa has grown accustomed to the life that Wilson Fisk leads, by this point - and, she is quickly proving herself to be a perfect match for the aspiring Kingpin.

With the season's final episode drawing so close, it almost feels like a shame to have two episodes in a row that take things so slowly - especially when you consider how action-focused the series had seemed to be in its earlier episodes. Yet, of course, this is all important ground, too - and, Daredevil has already proven itself to be just as capable of handling character drama as it is action.

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